Teachers Corner

Brian Davis, baritone Metropolitan Opera, New York City Opera


"Maestro Valdes has been a real treasure for me. His understanding of the

voice and bel canto style has streamlined my technique and got me back on

track in the midst of my singing career. His pleasant, straightforward

style in the voice studio not only gets to the essence of your technique in

a matter of minutes but gives you a clarity of understanding that you carry

with you the rest of your career! For this I can only say thank you! 


Reba Evans, Mezzo Soprano


The technique that Valdes teaches promotes a highly focused yet free sound by means of a natural approach. Nothing is contrived or “forced” in order to achieve the correct sound. In fact, the entirety of my first consistent year of study with Valdes focused on eliminating my “forced” body tensions and backwards ideas of how to create an operatic sound. By slowly erasing my former skill set, I quickly gained a new technical vocabulary that included natural breath, relaxed mouth position, balanced posture, and flexible jaw movement which continues to help me achieve a warm resonance with focused ping and round overtones.

Kyle Pfortmiller, baritone Metropolitan Opera


Eduardo Valdes is a phenomenal teacher. His continued career as a performer gives him the both possession of a master singing technique and the ear of master teacher. In just few minutes, he was able to hear the one or two things that I wanted to fix and together we found ways to implement those changes in my repertoire. If you want to learn to sing bel canto, search no further.

Alyson Times, Coloratura Soprano


Maestro Valdes has plenty of wisdom to share. When I have come in to a lesson dealing with an everyday struggle such as low energy, vocal fatigue, or stress, he teaches me how to navigate my way back to my breath and technique. His advice to begin singing just as you are, without trying to force yourself into a more energetic place, has been tremendously helpful to me on several occasions and I am grateful that I now have the tools I need to rejuvenate my singing on

my own when I am not feeling 100%. Mo. Valdes’ teaching, while rooted in the tradition

of bel canto, is also refreshingly holistic. He truly cares about the whole singer, and the

great care he takes with his students and support that he gives as a mentor is invaluable.

Sara Noble, soprano


Studying the bel canto technique with Maestro Valdes gave me the tools to navigate any piece of music, old or new. By lining up my voice, I gained access to more of my range and found new ease in my singing. Maestro Valdes is incredibly knowledgeable, a joy to work with, and a master at creating freedom in the voice.

Marcos Vigil, Tenor


Studying with Mr. Valdes has improved my technique in so many ways. With his guidance, I have gained the ability to sing evenly and easily throughout my range, as well as incorporate legato into my singing. I now have a strong and solid foundation which helps give me the confidence I need to perform optimally under a variety of circumstances.

Sara James, soprano


Eduardo Valdes not only addresses the voice, he addresses the whole body when teaching bel canto because the voice is the body, mind, and spirit.  He is very methodical and holistic with a master plan that only he knows.  Through this and his five simple fundamentals, he gets you to do things you didn’t know were possible.  On top of all of that, you find through practice and even just thinking about the technique that your body assimilates information and it will become second nature.  Singing at this level was something I always thought was unattainable for me, and yet here I am doing it, improving on it, and I know I offer a high quality of singing when I walk in the room.  The true bel canto technique that Valdes teached provides me with great confidence to understand how to fix any problem, sing sick, or in any situation that is less then ideal. 

Dante Fiore - tenor


Eduardo is a maestro that understands clearly and deeply the intricacies of a proper and healthy vocal technique. He has brought my voice out of the ashes and today I have never sounded or felt better with my singing! With every vocal challenge that I had, he approached them with patience and caring and ALWAYS corrected the issue! He also has a clear understanding of every voice being different and each person has their own way of absorbing instruction.  My stamina and power are astounding, owed all to his technique and instruction, which was tailored to MY voice and MY understanding ability.

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